It is the outermost of the helmet and is made of two materials:

 - Thermoplastic ( ABS resin ) heat injected through a mold, which lowers production helmets and allows us to offer the same security guarantees and more accessible to all users.

 - Carbon fiber composite provides a higher quality hull lighter weight and increase thus the comfort.

The finishing process in both cases is the same, uvi application of varnish to protect the town from inclement weather and own use. Shiro Helmets offers in its vast collection 2014, a number of different type full face helmets, flip up, jet and extreme off road , available in two shell sizes. Which greatly Hull resizes to the size of the user's head and makes it more comfortable.

It is the component that goes into the shell and is made of a material called EPS ( Expanded Polystyrene ).

The properties of this material make it ideal as a component of our helmets: it is light, malleable and variable density. This allows us , changing its thickness and density, we get the best results in the impact tests, as this part of the town is responsible for absorbing the force received in the coup. In our laboratory we perform such tests to ensure that the results exceed the parameters set in the required safety regulations ( ECE 22.05 ). It also plays an important role in the ventilation of the helmet, as it is drilled for proper entry and exit of air, depending on the model in question.

It is the part of the hull in direct contact with the user. We got a varying thickness perfect fit. Tissues which is coated are high quality, hypoallergenic and breathable. In recent years, Shiro has been incorporated into new designs detachable mountings, so as to facilitate cleaning or replacement.

It is the part that is tightly placed over the viewing area so that protects the user from extraneous agents. The opening system allows placement in different positions and anchoring system shell allows easy removal of the same for replacement or exchange. Shiro offers for most helmets, different tinted screens, suitable for driving on sunny days, which should only be used during the day. All have been subject to anti-scratch and anti-fog tests.

Shiro Helmet first introduced protective solar glasses in two of its models in the catalog 2009 ( MONZA SH-3700 and SH-55) with sun visor on the inside and with self-lifting mechanism on the outside. In the current catalog 2014 we introduced new models with this system solar glasses with different drive mechanisms and release.

It is the charge of the helmet that becomes subject to the user's head. All our helmets are subjected to laboratory exclusively dedicated to verifying that the helmet does not come off in an accident. The recently incorporated into our range of helmets, micrometric closure system ensures a perfect fit.