*MB* V-BELT 835 20 30 **MMG**

Code: MGV835Q
*MB* V-BELT 835 20 30 **MMG** *MB* V-BELT 835 20 30 **MMG**
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MMG MGV835Q Standard Belt replaces OEM Belt 835 20 30

Premium belt provides longer durability for high performance applications.
Fits on many scooters, motorcycles and go karts.
Quality made for high mileage and reliability.
Oil and heat resistant.
Part No.: MGV835Q
Outside Circumference (mm): 835 (32.88 inch)
Top Width (mm): 20 (0.79 inch)
Groove Angle / Pitch: 30 degree
Fits most GY6 engines with 12/13 inch tires in the back wheel and many scooters and Go Karts. 
Use this product only on applications specified in owner's manual literature. 
Install and maintain products according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended procedures and with recommended tools. 
Failure to follow these instructions could result in injury or property damage. 
We (the seller) disclaim all liability due to failure to follow these instructions.
V-BELT 835 20 30 **MMG**